Getting Up & Running

Learning HR Partner

HR Partner is a simple to use HR (human resources) management app for your employees. While being easy to use, there is a lot of power under the hood, and so we created this easy to use learning site so that you can become familiar with the app in the least time possible.

Learn the basic concepts of our app, and how to perform basic (and advanced) tasks by clicking on the manual pages shown here. Each part of HR Partner is broken down into sections on the left, and under each section, is a manual page detailing how to perform a specific task under that section.

You can jump back and forth between pages as much as you like - you do not have to do them in order, although we certainly recommend that you do, so that you don't miss out on any key information.

Getting started

Here are the basic steps that you need to know in order to get up and running with HR Partner. These steps are explained in more detail by clicking on the page links on the left, but we wanted to give you a high level overview of what you need to do:

  • Set up your profile
  • After you have enabled your account, you will need to set up basic information about your company, such as time zone, the country you are in, etc.

  • Create your first few employees

    This is where you decide whether you will be entering in your employee details from scratch, or else importing them in from your existing payroll system.

    (Please note that at this time, we only support importing of payroll information from Xero and Attache, but more systems are on the way)

  • Invite other team members

    Did you know that you can have an  unlimited number of team members working alongside you in HR Partner?

    Yes, you can have other assistants, or even department managers be able to log in and update details for employees in your organisation. You can even restrict department managers to see ONLY the employees within their own department, an no other. If you have a junior assistant HR team member who is responsible for updating training information, then you can restrict him/her to only seeing training information for each employee.

    HR Partner security is granular and ensure maximum privacy and safety of your critical information.

  • Update the Library and employee files

    Take a look at the sophisticated file management system built entirely within HR Partner. You can store company wide documents for everyone to use, such as procedure manuals, company policy documents, employee forms, and any other electronic file within the Library.

    You can also store files against individual employees, such as contracts, leave applications, performance reviews and anything else.

  • Involve your employees

    Once you have got your employees in the system, why not get them involved in HR Partner?

    Invite them to log on to the employee self-service portal and update/manage their own information.

    Announce the latest news about what is happening at your company, and let them vote on important issues.

    Show them how to download important company documents from the online library within HR Partner.

    Ask them to apply for days off or vacation time by using the leave application facility in the employee portal.

  • Run reports

    An HR system is only useful if you can get information out of it quickly and easily. Take a look at our reporting functionality. You can even use our API which allows you to link HR Partner with your other business systems.

Getting help

If you cannot find out how to do something in HR Partner from this documentation site, we certainly do not want you to feel left out in the cold.

We are always contactable via live chat or email at to answer any questions that you may have.

You can also get help from within the app when you are signed in. Simply click on the round purple button on the lower right corner of every screen to open up a chat window and talk directly to one of our support team in real time. If we are not available, then we will respond to you via email as soon as we can.