Using Digital Signatures

HR Partner's cloud HR software allows you to request digital signatures directly from the HRIS. This is especially useful if you have new hire paperwork, operating agreements, or anything else that needs signing!

What types of documents can be e-signed?

You can upload any type of document to be e-signed. That means PDFs, word documents, and much more. 

While you can upload documents directly from your computer, you may also select documents in your HR Partner library.

Who can I send signing requests to?

HR Partner admin users can send electronic signature requests to: Employees, new hires, applicants, or external names (In other words, you can also send e-signature requests to non-employees).

How can my employee sign?

Your employee can electronically sign any document you upload with either: a mouse or finger (where they can draw their signature), typed name, or uploading an image.

Great! How do I send an electronic signature request with a document?

To link a document with an electronic signature request, follow the steps below:

1. From the main menu, click "e-Signatures," then from the drop-down, click "Request Signature."

2. Now choose how you'd like to select your document. You can either upload a document (any format) directly from your computer, or select a document already in your HR Partner document library.

3. Once you've uploaded your document, click "Next" (button in the lower right corner).

4. Now it's time to nominate where you want your signature fields to go. Click "Edit Layout." 

5. If the area that needs to be signed is on the 1st page, scroll to the bottom and click "Add Field." From here, you can ask the signer to add a text field, a signature field, or a date field. For electronic signature, select "Any signature." If the place that needs to be signed isn't on the 1st page, simply click "Next" at the top (this will take you to the next page in the document).

Drag the signature fields to the area(s) that should be signed by the signer.

You can nominate as many fields as you'd like to be signed.

6. Click "Save Signable Form."

7. Click "Next."

8. The final step is to draft a message to the recipient with a brief description of the form. Select whether they're an employee, an HR Partner applicant, or an external contact. One example of a message: "Hi there, please sign this document as discussed. Thanks!"

9. Click "Next."

10. Click "Send Document" to send the document to the recipient for signing.