Inviting Your Team To The Employee Portal

Did you know that HR Partner has a dedicated Employee Portal for your Employees to use? It is called the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal and every Active Employee in you organization will have access to to this portal to review and request Time Off & Leave, to file an expense claim and much more!

Each company has a dedicated Employee Portal URL. To find yours, visit Employees -> Self-Service then click on the Employee Portal button towards the right side.

Once you have added Employees into your system, you can then send them an invitation to log into their own ESS Portal in a few easy steps. This should be the first thing that you do once you are ready to share the HR Partner system with your Employees (please see below for further instructions on how to invite Employees both ways).

Invite Your Team To The Employee Portal in Two Ways

There are two different ways to invite your team to log into their own Employee Portal and access things like Timesheets, e-Signature documents and Checklists. 

First, you can choose to invite multiple Employees at once, even your entire Employee organization. Second, you can choose to invite Employees individually and one at a time.

How to Invite Multiple Employees to the ESS Portal

Log into your Admin User profile and click on Employees -> Self Service towards the left side of your screen: 

The Self Service module screen shows basic statistics and information on how to invite Employees to use the ESS Portal.

You are able to choose which group of Employees to invites by selecting the drop-down options in Location and Department. You can also further customize these options by individually adding or removing Employees as you see fit. Click on the green button called Send Invites to send!

How to Invite an Employee to the ESS Portal

To individually invite a single Employee at a time, log into your Admin User portal and click on the Employee's profile, then select Edit Employee Details and click over to the ESS Portal tab. From here, you can review the Portal Username, force the Employee to change their password upon login or send a new email with login instructions:

What is my Portal Username?

Every Employee has a dedicated Portal Username that they will use to log into their ESS Portal. Employees do not use their email address as usernames and they will be forced to change their passwords the first time they login.

To find the Portal Username, log into your Admin User portal and click on the Employee's profile, then select Edit Employee Details and click over to the ESS Portal tab. The Portal Username can be found here. Admin Users are also able to edit these usernames as needed. (Please remember to notify your Employees if their usernames are changed.)

Please note that the Employee Portal Username must be unique across your company.  For that reason, we recommend that you use one of the following when creating a username for your Employees:

  • Their work email address
  • A combination of their first name and last name (e.g. John Smith would be johnsmith and Mary Stephenson would be marystephenson etc.)
  • Their unique payroll code from your payroll system

It doesn't really matter what you use as their username, as long as it is unique for each Employee in your company, and it is easy to remember for them.