Using the Document Library

The Document Library is the place to store and reference files that you want employees to have ready access to. See our overview of the Library here.

Once you're comfortable with the general purpose for the library, here's how to create and manage your Document Library...

Uploading Files

To add files to your library, simply drag and drop them into the rectangular area towards the top of the screen. You can even just click on the rectangular area to be presented with a normal file selection window. Then choose the file from your computer and it will be uploaded to your Library.

Adding Links to External Files

To add a link to a file hosted elsewhere, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or another platform, just click on the "Add External Link" button. You'll be asked to name the link and add the actual link address. 

NOTE: When adding links, please make sure that your employees actually have access to those files. Those permissions are set in the platform where the link is actually stored (eg Dropbox or Google Drive).

Removing Files or Links

To remove a file, simply click the little aqua coloured wheel in the bottom right corner of the file icon. You will then see the options in the screen below, select delete and you'll then be asked to confirm.  

WARNING: Deletions are permanent, and there is no 'undo' feature at all, so please exercise all caution when deleting files.

Popular Files or Links

If you have a document that will be accessed more frequently than others, or simply that you would like quick access to, you can add it to the "Popular Documents". 

Documents marked as "Popular";

  • Will be visible directly on the library home screen i.e. as soon as you select Library from the main menu
  • Will also show on the Employee Portal dashboard for all employees

To set a document as Popular, select the settings wheel icon in the bottom right corner of the relevant file icon and select "Add to Popular".

Renaming Files or Links

If you ever need to rename a previously uploaded file or link, hit the settings wheel icon in the bottom right corner of the relevant file icon and select "Rename".

Updating or Moving Files or Links

Updating an existing file is as simple as uploading a new version with the exact same name. The old file will be replaced and the new version will be made available for your employees. Please note that at this stage, we do not do version tracking of documents.

At this point in time, there is no capacity to move files in between categories.

Sending Files or Links via Email

You can also send files or links from your Library to Employees, Job Applicants and even external parties right from the Library itself. Simply click on the settings wheel icon in the bottom right of the file, then choose 'Send File...'.  This will pop up a window where you can specify who you want to send the file to. For Employees and Applicants, you can choose them from a drop down list. You can also enter a short message to go with the file. The file itself will be sent as a direct link to download the file from your Library.

Signing a Document

You can also send a document from the Library to another party for electronic signing using HR Partner.  More information on Electronic Signatures is on this page.