Setting Up Your Lists

Lists are similar to Categories, however the important difference is that they are not directly attached to an employee, but rather are attached to Module information that the employee has.

When you first look at the Lists screen (under "Setup", then "Configure" and "Lists"), you will find a full set of every list option in your HR Partner account. You can edit, delete, or create new options at any time.

If you go to an Employee's Profile, each Module has list options that can be customized based on your organization's needs. Each box just contains the individual selection in the various drop boxes that you see in HR Partner.

For example, "Absence Reasons" and "Absence Statuses" are two drop downs that you see when you are entering an Absence record against an employee.  We give you some default statuses and reasons, however these may not suit your business or organisational requirements.  So, you can easily remove selections you do not need or add in new ones that are pertinent to you from this screen.

Every drop-down in HR Partner can be customized to suit your business.  Don't be afraid to make changes and tweak them to your exact needs.


Occasionally, you might find that you cannot delete a list item - don't panic, it probably means that you are using that item on an employee record somewhere. You just have to edit those employee records to change to another drop down option, then you can delete the original List item.