Creating a New Report

Did you know that you can create and run Reports in HR Partner to gather information on your employees? You can also save these Reports and run them time and time again, as the need arises.

To start a New Report, scroll down to the Reports module towards the bottom left hand side of your Admin User screen. From here you can choose to run a Printed Report or a standardized Chart.

Printed Reports are Reports that pull information from Employee modules and data within the employee's profile.

Charts are predetermined reports that supply information for Turnover or Leave based on the criteria that you provide.

Create a New Printed Report

Click on Reports > Printed and a separate window will open. Once you save some favorite reports, they'll show as below.

To create a new report, click on Add A New Report towards the right, which will drop-down a menu of options for you to select. Each of the topics on the drop-down menu will create a new Report based around that information while also allowing for customizations. 

Printed Reports like these are the most common reports that you can run in the HR Partner system.

Start by selecting the module or topic of the Report that you want to run. For example, let's say that you want to run a report to find out all of the Laptops that are assigned to current Employees at your organization. Start by selecting Asset.

This will open up a separate window with a new set of parameters that you can specify for your report.

Select Computer under Asset Type and the report will pull data for every employee who is assigned a Computer.

Scroll further down and you can rename your report, save it for future use or you can click Print and a separate window will open with a web-based report for easy printing.

Don't forget that you can also choose to Export your Reports by clicking on the arrow next to Print and Export as a JSON file, or as a CSV.  You will also have the option in here to download all attachments that are linked to the results of the report (See the related article below for more information on downloading attachments).