Getting Started With Recruitment

Recruiting is likely one of the first areas of HR Partner that you want to get up and running. (Especially if you have multiple roles to fill!) Below we will outline all of the areas to start setting up first when setting up the Recruitment area. We will cover the following:
  1. Setting Up Applicant Stages & Scorecard Items
  2. Setting Up Applicant Stage Templates & Scorecard Templates
  3. Setting Up an Application Form
  4. Create & Post a Job Listing

Let's dive in!

Please note that the Recruitment area of HR Partner is only available to clients who are subscribed to our Premium and VIP plans. If you are currently subscribed to our Core plan and would like more information on upgrading your subscription, please contact us.

Setting Up Applicant Stages & Scorecard Items

Start by going to Recruitment -> Configure -> Lists.

Applicant Stages are the different stages or steps that you will have included in your own hiring process. These can include stages like "Interview", "Second Interview", "Reference Check" or "Phone Interview". There are a few already listed as defaults, but feel free to edit or delete any Applicant Stage that may not apply to your organization.

Scorecard Items are the different skills, traits and qualifications that you are looking for when hiring an Applicant. Just as with the Applicant Stages, there are defaults available, but you can also create and customize to ensure that any Scorecard Items that is important to your organization is included in the list.

To add a new Applicant Stage or Scorecard Item, you would click on the green Add Applicant Stage or Add Scorecard Item buttons in the top right side of each menu. You can also choose to edit or delete by using the aqua Edit circle and the red Delete circle respectively.

When you add a new Applicant Stage or a Scorecard Item, you are not required to include that specific stage or item in each and every Job Listing. You can choose to mix and match these and create Templates for use in Job Listings. Further down, we will learn how to combine different stages and items to create a Template that can be used and reused for any future Job Listing.

Setting Up Applicant Stage & Scorecard Templates

Now that you have your Stages and Items created, you can combine these together to create Templates. Please go to Setup -> Configure -> Templates and you will find the options to create and add new Templates for two areas: Applicant Stage Templates and Scorecard Templates.

Applicant Stage Templates will combine different Stages (the same Stages that you just created in Setup -> Configure -> Lists) to create a Template to use again and again for different types of Job Listings when recruiting. If you have a similar Hiring Process for every role, you can certainly have only one Applicant Stage Template that you use for each and every Job Listing.

For example, perhaps you are hiring for a Marketing Specialist and your organization's hiring process would be: Applied, Phone Screen, 1st In-Person Interview, Reference Check, Job Offer. You can combine these five stages into one Applicant Stage Template and then apply this Template to the new Marketing Specialist Job Listing. You can then use this Stage Template for other Marketing roles in the future (or even non-Marketing roles!).

The same concept goes for Scorecard Templates. You can combine different items to use as a Scorecard Template that you can assign to a Job Listing again and again.

You must have at least one of each kind of Template to add to every Job Listing.

Setting Up an Application Form

Now that you have created the Templates that will go inside the Job Listing, you will need to create an Application Form. The Application Form is the form of questions that the Applicant will complete when submitting an application for a Job Listing.

In Recruitment -> Configure -> Forms you can start by clicking on the Add New Form button.

The will open up a new screen where you can drag-and-drop different options to create your own custom Application for new applicants. Choose from the menu of options on the right side to format questions in many different ways, including Text Fields, Drop-down Select and Radio Group, among others.

An Application Form is required for each and every Job Listing, so we recommend that the first Application Form that you create is a shorter form with many default questions that can be asked of regardless of the type of role. Then, as you develop your hiring process and add new roles to your team, you can further customize and create different Forms for different types of roles.

Application Forms is similar in look and feel to that of our Custom Forms area of HR Partner, but the two areas function independently and any Custom Form that you have created will not show up in the Recruitment area of Application Forms.

Create a Job Listing

To create and post a new Job Listing in HR Partner, please go to Recruitment -> Jobs. This screen will show you all of the current and previous Job Listings that you have created within the system. Click on Add A Job Listing to create a new Job Listing.

From here, you will need to add your job description and any details related to the job. You will also need to select an Applicant Stage Template, Scorecard Template and an Application Form that you would like to be included in the Job Listing. For a complete how-to related to creating and posting a Job Listing, please read through our article called Posting A Job.