Setting up Projects and Costing

The projects and costing system in HR Partner allows you to records costs (and markup charges) against your Timesheets and Expense Claims.

For example, you may have employees working on various customer jobs that you need to track costs against, and also calculate how much you will charge your customer for.  You can do this by setting up Projects within the system for each customer job, then you can set up Activities that will be conducted against each of those projects.

Now when your employees enter in their timesheets into HR Partner, they can select a project against each of their time entries, as well as an activity which describes how they spent their time on the project.  Also, when they enter in an expense claim, they can nominate what project that expenditure should be allocated to.  From this information, you can print costing reports which show you the actual costs for your company against those customer jobs.

Turning on Projects

To enable the projects module in HR Partner, you will need to go to Setup > Company Info on your main left hand menu in the Admin portal, and turn on these two checkboxes:

As soon as one or both of these are turned on, you will see a 'Projects' menu appear on the left hand menu like this:

This is where you can start creating your Project descriptions, as well as the Activities that can be tracked in the Timesheets module.

NOTE: You will have to create at least ONE project, and at least ONE activity for project costing to work properly.  Even if you just create a project called 'Internal Work' to record employee time spent on various tasks.  The opposite is true as well - if you wanted to track time on multiple projects but not interested in the different tasks they do, then create at least one activity called 'General' or something similar that they can put all their time against it.