What is the Company Library?

The Library is where you can store and reference files so that employees can easily access them.

What Should the Library be used for?

The Library is a global space where you can keep any downloadable file or external link that you wish to be available to your employees. You can upload almost any type of file or link to any valid link on the internet. Just be mindful when adding links, to make sure that your employees have access to whichever platform the link leads to (Dropbox, Google Drive etc), to ensure this works correctly.

The Library is particularly useful when onboarding new employees, as well as being a great point of reference for your existing employees. It's an excellent place to store files or links that may be needed on a day to day basis. You can even arrange the documents in the Library into a series of categories and sub categories (folders and sub folders). See our instructions on how to create sub folders in the library. 

Understanding Library Files vs Employee Files

Within HR Partner there are two types of files, there are Employee Files and Library Files. The most important thing to understand before utilising your Library is which of these file types to store there: 

  • Library Files are usually accessible for all employees within the company. These are usually documents that are common to everyone such as procedure manuals, company forms etc. You can restrict access to files in a category to employees within a particular department though, so if you have some files that just Finance needs to access, you can store those there too.
  • Employee Files are attached to a particular employee and cannot be viewed by any other employee. This would be documents that pertain just to that employee, such as contracts or sick certificates etc. These should be uploaded and viewed only within the Employee's record and NOT in the Library.