Communicating With Employees

One of the most important tasks you can do with your employees is to communicate effectively with them.  HR Partner has the capacity for quick and easy bulk messages to be sent out to specific target groups of employees.

Filtering Your Employees

The best (actually, the ONLY way at the moment) to send a group message to your employees is to filter them first.  That means selecting only employees within a certain department, or location, or those with a certain tag. 
Then this will take you to a separate screen where you can send the message.

See the previous section on how to filter your employees.

Sending Messages

When you have the filtered list as above, you will see a little green button on the top left that says 'Send Message'.


You may or may not see this button depending on the  security settings of your user profile. Site administrators have the ability to prevent users from sending messages if they choose.

Clicking this button will show you two options - 'Send As Email' or 'Send As SMS'.

(Note: Once again, you may not see one or the other depending on your  security settings.)

Sending An Email

When you choose to send an email, you will see the following screen.

There is no cost for sending emails.  Please note that all your employees have to have a 'Primary' email address in their records for you to be able to send them an email.  They may have multiple email addresses, but at least one must be marked as 'Primary'.


We have just enhanced this message window to allow you to use predefined message templates to save you more time when sending messages.

Sending An SMS

When you choose to send an SMS message, you will see the following screen.

Once again, your employees will have to have a primary mobile number in order to be able to be sent a message.

SMS messages DO cost money to send, and that is why you will see the number of SMS credits that you have left on this screen too, so you can monitor how many SMS messages you can still send out.

Each credit is roughly equivalent to about 30 SMS messages.

SMS Charges

Unlike Email, when you send an SMS from HR Partner, there is a charge per message sent, just like with your normal carrier.  The charges vary depending on location and network, but average out to around 6 to 8 US cents per message.

When you first signed up for HR Partner, you would have received some free SMS credits that allowed you to send out about 30 messages.  When those credits run out, you can purchase some more by going to 'Company' then 'SMS Credits' on the left hand menu.

Simply pick the number of credits you want to pre purchase to use, and fill in your credit card details.


You can always see the number of SMS credits that you have in the lower right corner of every HR Partner window.

Note: There are no refunds for unused credits. Purchased credits are valid for 12 months from time of purchase.