Managing & Reviewing Leave Requests

In HR Partner by default, employees can submit leave requests for approval. Changes to existing leave balances are automatically tracked.

Managers are notified via email when an employee has submitted a request, and once that request has been approved or denied, your employee will also be notified by email.

Setting up Employee Login Credentials

Each employee will need their own separate set of login credentials to access their portal. If you haven't setup login credentials for your employees yet, no worries — simply follow these steps.
Note: Looking for a tutorial for your employees about how to submit a time-off request? Click here!

Setup Automatic Routing to Manager

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By default, employees can select their manager's name in the leave application form in order to send them a leave request.

If you want the manager's name to auto-populate in the leave application, you must first make sure the manager is set up with an admin user account. After that, ensure the employee "Reports To" that manager in the system.

1. First, make sure the manager has an admin user and an employee account. If the manager already has an employee account in the system, you will have to also add them as an admin user and link their admin account to their employee account.

2. From the admin user management screen (Company --> Users), click "Edit" next to the manager's name.

Find the "Link to Employee" section on the admin user edit screen, and link that admin user to their employee account. For example, if the manager's name is John Doe, you would find the "John Doe" employee account and select it to link the two.

3. Last, assign your employee to their manager in their profile. After clicking the employee's profile, navigate to "Edit Employee Details —> Employment Info —> Directly Reports To" and select their manager's name.

That's it! After that, employee leave requests will be routed to their manager as long as the manager has an admin user account. :-)