Managing & Reviewing Leave Requests

Now that you've created your Leave Policies and have set everything up, it's time to learn how to review and manage the Leave Requests that will be coming in from your Employees.

By default, Employees are able to submit leave requests for approval and any changes to existing leave balances are automatically tracked once these requests are approved.

When an Employee submits a leave request, they are asked to identify which Admin User they would like to Send Application To. This field is required, so an Employee must complete this field before submitting any leave requests. 

Managers are then notified via email when an employee has submitted a request, and once that request has been approved or denied, your employee will also be notified by email.

Only Admin Users are allowed to review and manage incoming leave requests, so your organization must create an Admin User profile for any Manager that wants to approve or deny leave requests.

Setting up Employee Login Credentials

Each employee will need their own separate set of login credentials to access their portal. If you haven't setup login credentials for your employees yet, no worries — simply follow these steps.

Note: Looking for a tutorial for your employees about how to submit a time-off request? Click here!

Designating One Person to Approve All Leave Requests

There are many situations where you want just one Manager in charge of managing all of your incoming leave requests. Or perhaps you want to make sure that a member of the Human Resources team is always copied on leave requests. Luckily, setting up automatic routing to one or two Admin Users is very easy to do!

First, you must make sure that the approving Manager has an Admin User account through your organization. You can set this up by going to Setup > Users > Add New User.

Once this is done, head over to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Leave Settings and find the section called Leave Processing. There will be box called "Always Send Leave Approvals To" and here you are able to enter in any Admin User.

This ensures that all leave requests are seen by one of your Admin Users. Employees will then automatically see this person's name auto-populated in the Send Application To field when they open up a new request!

Automatically Send Requests to an Employee's Manager

It's also very easy to set up the system so that your Employee's leave requests are automatically sent over to their appropriate Reporting Manager each and every time.

This means that the Manager's name will auto-populate in the leave application so that Employee does not have to enter this information in each time they submit a new request. First, you must make sure that the approving Manager has an Admin User account and an Employee account through your organization. You can set up an Admin User account up by going to  Setup > Users > Add New User. If the Manager already has an Employee account, be sure to "link" the two accounts, the Admin and the Employee account, so that it's easy for the Manager to switch back and forth. More on how to achieve this here.

Then you must ensure that the Employee "Reports To" that Manager in the HR Partner system.

First, go to the Employee's Profile and click on the green Edit Employee Details button towards the left. Then click on the tab marked Employment Info and scroll down to the section called Directly Reports To and select the appropriate Manager's name here.

That's it! After that, any Employee leave requests will be routed to their Manager as long as the Manager has an Admin User account!