Viewing & Editing Leave Balances

By now you've probably heard about Leave Balances and Leave Allowances and maybe you even know the difference between Allowances vs. Balances (hint: read more about them here!), but have you learned how to properly view and edit the Leave Balances for your Employees?

HR Partner has the ability to set restrictions and accrual rules on every type of Leave Policy that you create, and those rules can be different for each Policy. This can be confusing for the Employees to understand, but they always want to know how much leave they have! Enter: Leave Balances.

Leave Balances are the actual leave amounts that the Employee has earned so far. This number may be the same as the Allowance (what the Employee is entitled to), depending on whether or not the Employee has taken time off. This number may be less if that Employee has already taken time off.

You Employees can see their own Balances when they visit their Employee Portals or when they submit a Leave Request via their Portal (as shown below). Just have them log into their own Employee Portal and click on Time Off & Leave module.

So, how is the Balance number calculated and where does it come from?

Leave Balances must be manually entered by the Admin User upon Setup of the HR Partner system (when you first subscribe to HR Partner!) or when a new Employee joins the team. It is not calculated by the system at first, you must give the system a starting point and manually enter this data. Simply put, the back-end of the system has no way of knowing who has gone on Leave before your organization subscribed to HR Partner, it won't know that Jane took a vacation in March or that Phillip was out sick for a few days in July - so the Admin User has to give the system this information for new Employees and new subscribers to the HR Partner system!

There are two ways that you can enter in and edit Leave Balance numbers: via Your Payroll Providers or Manual Entry.

Importing Leave Balances via Your Payroll Provider

If you decide to integrate HR Partner with one of our approved payroll systems, you will see that the Leave Balances for your Employees is automatically synced whenever you refresh the link. This is the default setting when your system in integrated with a payroll system and HR Partner treats the information coming from your payroll system as the 'source of truth'.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to import leave balances.

Inputting Leave Balances via Manual Entry

If your payroll provider is not integrated with HR Partner, you must input the Leave Balance information yourself. Luckily, we offer an import function for this as well!

Start by logging into you Admin User Portal and go to Time Off & Leave > Bulk Update > Import. From here, you can download an Import Template, which will provide you with a CSV file template that you can use to get things started.

The Import page has a few pieces of information and guidelines to help guide you through the Import process, so please read through these Formatting tips to help the import run smoothly.

Once you have collected your current Leave Balance information from your current HRIS system or from your current payroll provider and have compiled this info into the CSV Template, you are ready to Import!

Just upload the file, choose the file type and click Upload!

This is not your only option for entering in Leave Balance information. You can also choose to enter in Leave Balances manually yourself by going to your Balances screen (Time Off & Leave > Bulk Update > Balances).

Towards the right side you will see an orange button called Allow Editing which will unlock the page and allow for any manual edits that need to be made. Please proceed with caution before making any edits and be sure that you have the correct information.

Entering Leave Balance data in this way is the preferred method when you have new Employees join the team, because you only have to enter in this information in once, and then the system retains that information and uses it to calculate Leave data as time goes on. Just don't forget to scroll down to the bottom and click Save once you are done!