Leave Balances

HR Partner has the capacity to set leave accrual rules, along with record leave/absence balances within the system.  This enables both you and your employees to see how much leave your employees have.

Your employees can see their balances when they visit their employee portals, or when they submit a leave application via the portal.

Importing Leave Balances via Your Payroll Provider

This is the default method.  Currently, if you link HR Partner to one of our approved payroll systems, you will see that the leave balances for your employees is automatically synchronised whenever you refresh the link.

This is by far the quickest and easiest way to import leave balances.

Setting Up Leave Accrual Rules, Leave Balances & Entitlements

You have two options: 1) Set up default leave entitlements for all employees at once, or 2) Enter in leave balances for each employee individually. 


Your employees will also see their balances when they log in to the Employee Portal, or when they submit a leave application.