Recording a New Absence

There are times when an Employee is out on leave, but has not made that request prior to his or her absence. A perfect example of this would be a sick day: your Employee calls in Sick, but hasn't recorded this in a formal Leave Request.

In this situation, it may be easiest for the Admin User to record the Absence for the Employee who is out.

Start by going to the Employee's Profile page. Now scroll down to and click on the module marked Absence/Leave

Click on the green "Add Absence" button to add a new Absence entry. A separate window will open up and you will be able to add in all necessary details that you need to record the absence.

Scroll down to the bottom to attach any files that you may need to recall and then click on Save! Now you have successfully recorded a new Absence on behalf of your Employee.

This is also great for entering in Leave that you want recorded for historical data, but that the Employee may not need to see. 

Please Note:

This is different from adding Leave Balances. If you need to update the leave balances of all your employees, head on over here.