Restricting Leave Policies Using Tags

When creating a Leave Policy, you have the option of setting restrictions for each Policy so that only certain groups can access the Policy. This is handled under the Restriction Rules area of each Leave Policy.

Just click on the aqua colored button labeled "Set restrictions on who gets allocated this leave policy" and your menu options will expand. You have the option of restricting any Leave Policy by one or more rules, including: Location, Employment Status, Position, Gender and Tag.

Restricting Leave Policies Using Tags

Tags are an easy way to group Employees in any way. You can create and use Tags to group Employees by committees, projects, tenure or anything else that may be helpful for your organizational needs!

The most common use case for restricting a Leave Policy using a Tag is for tenure-related leave accruals. Many clients have Leave Policies where the accrual rates or the Allowance of leave will increase for an Employee who reaches a certain tenure threshold. (For example: John Smith is eligible for 15 days of Annual Leave per year, but once John has worked for the Company for 3 years, he will be eligible for 20 days of Annual Leave.) At present, HR Partner does allow for increased Allowance to Employees based on years that they have worked, but this will only apply in 1-year increments.

This is where Tags come in! You can use a Tag to group Employees based on tenure and then restrict certain Policies based on a Tag. Below are the steps to achieve this.

Step One: Create the Tag

Tags are created in Setup > Configure > Categories > scroll to the bottom and click on Tags. Click on Add Tag to create a new Tag and add this into your system for future use.

Step Two: Assign the Tag to the Employee

Tags are assigned to an Employee manually by any Admin User and cannot be viewed or seen by an Employee. You can assign a Tag to an Employee by going to their Employee Profile and clicking on Edit Employee Details > scroll down to the Employee Tags area and add the Tag that applies. Then click Save.

Step Three: Restrict the Leave Policy

Once you have a created the Leave Policy that you want to restrict to only certain Employees, you will need to go to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Leave Policies > click on the aqua Edit circle to edit the Leave Policy in question. Scroll down to the Restriction Rules section and then expand that menu to see your Restriction options. Find the Tag area and then select the Tag that you just created to add this restriction rule to the Leave Policy. The click Save.

Step Four: Re-assign the Employee's Balance to the Newly Applied Leave Policy

Once you've created the Tag and edited the Policy to apply to Employees with only that Tag, you will need to make sure that the Employee's Balance number is accurate as well. When you've followed the above step-by-step directions, you are essentially adding them to a Policy that may be new to them - so you will need to make sure that their current Balance is shown in the correct Leave Policy 'bucket'.

To do this, please go to the Employee's Profile and then click on Edit Employee Details > Leave Balances and here you can manually change an Employee's Balance figure to match that of the current policy.

Helpful Tips to Remember

If you choose to restrict a Leave Policy using a Tag, there are a few things that you need to know and to prepare for in advance.

Tags Do Not Change Automatically

Once you assign a Tag to an Employee, that Tag will stay assigned that Employee unless manually changed.

Run the 'Housekeeping' Rule

Have you followed all of the steps above and properly applied Leave Policies to your Employees based on Tags and then arranged each Employee's leave numbers accordingly? please head to Setup > Tools > Advanced and run the option to "Verify Leave Policy Permissions and Restrictions" then wait five minutes and check back.

ALWAYS Check Your Employee's Balances

Allowances and Balances are two very important numbers that the system uses to calculate leave and that Employees see when requesting Time Off & Leave through the system. When you choose to restrict a Leave Policy and add an Employee to an entirely new Policy, you will also need to check their current Balance and make sure that it aligns properly based on rules.

To check on an Employee's Balance (and other Leave numbers) please go to the Employee's Profile and then Edit Employee Details > Leave Balances.

Please Note: Please proceed with caution when changing an Employee's leave numbers. Changing an Employee's Balance in the middle of a calendar year can result conflicting calculations moving forward.