Employee Self-Service Portal

Each and every Employee that is entered in HR Partner will have the ability to access their own, individual Portal to do things like: Request Time Off, Complete a Timesheet, and so much more! We call this portal, the Employee Self-Service Portal or ESS Portal.

There are a few ways to give your Employees (employees who are not Admin Users) access to the ESS Portal, but the simplest way is to go to Employees > Self-Service tab in the Admin User Portal.

This screen will give you a brief snapshot of the Self-Service Portal and who has logged on, what your Company URL is and how to invite Employees to the Portal. There is also a window called Invite Employees to the ESS Portal. If this is the FIRST time that you are inviting your Employees to use the Portal, then select All Employees to Invite and Employee Names will automatically populate and then you can click the green Send Invites button to send over a detailed email including each Employee's Portal Username and the company's ESS Portal URL link.

In this screen, you can also send out Invitations to Employees individually if needed.

To send out ESS Portal Invitations in another way, go to an Employee's Profile > Edit Employee Details > ESS Portal. Here you can find and review the Employee's Portal Username (great to know, if your Employee's forget their Username!) and you can force a password change and send another email with login instructions.

Employee Login Links

If you have checked the email notification box, your employees will be notified via email once their individual logins have been created. If they lose their login link, the formula is: yourcompanyname.hrpartner.io/portal