Employee Self-Service Portal

To give your employees (non-admins) the ability to access a self-service company portal, here's a step-by-step breakdown:

1. To start, setup login information for each employee. To do that, click the  "Employees" tab on the left menu.

2. Click on the employee's name to view their profile.

3. Click the green  "Edit employee details" button on the right.

4. Scroll down the page until you find the "Self Service Portal" section.

5. Next, you'll create a username and password that the employee will use to login. (Under "username" we'd recommend using your employee's email address, as it's easy to remember).

6. Under that, check the box that says "Send an email to the employee with their username/password" if you'd like for your employee to automatically receive an email with their access details.

7. Click "Save" and you're done! Your employee will then be able to login to their self-service portal. They will receive an email with their login credentials.

Employee Login Links

If you have checked the email notification box, your employees will be notified via email once their logins have been created. If they lose their login link, the formula is: yourcompanyname.hrpartner.io/portal