Adding a Company Event

In addition to tracking Time Off & Leave, Holidays, Birthdays and Work Anniversaries, you can also choose to manually add Company Events into the Company Calendar. It's a great way to show any company-wide event or date that is significant.

To get started, go to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Co. Calendar:

Here you can Add Calendar Event and even edit and delete Events that have passed or no longer apply. The interface is very similar to that of the Public/Bank Holidays and you can choose to add as many Company Events as you need in your Calendar and color code them as you see fit!

Link to an Event

When creating a new Event, don't forget that you can include a hyperlink to an Event page, booking site or related website. This is completely optional, but can be a great way to advertise for Company-sponsored events, sign-up pages or RSVP

Do Company Events affect Time Off/Leave?

Unlike your Public/Bank Holidays that are found in  Time Off & Leave > Configure > Holidays which do affect Time Off/Leave Balances for your Employees (depending on your settings in the Work Day Templates), any Company Event that is entered will NOT affect Time Off/Leave for your Employees. Company Events and Time Off/Leave are unrelated.