Using Email Templates

In an earlier article, we spoke about how you can quickly and easily communicate with your employees in HR Partner.  But did you know that you can also save even more time by using Email Templates for messages that are repetitive?

For example, you might have a standard "Welcome for an interview" email that you send out to all job applicants that reach a certain stage in the hiring process.  Or you might have a standard invite that you send out to certain team members for weekly meetings.  Well, now you can create those repetitive emails as templates within HR Partner, and reuse them.

The best part? You can also embed mail merge fields within those templates to personalise the emails going out to your employees.  You can embed their name, or location & department and many, many more fields in the template, and they will be converted to actual data when the email is sent.

Creating and Editing Email Templates

You can click on Setup -> Configure -> Email Templates from the left hand menu to go to the section where you can create, edit and delete standard templates.  Please note that when creating templates, you can create different template sets for the different messaging areas in HR Partner, including:

  • General/Employee messages
  • Checklist messages
  • Recruitment messages
  • eSignature messages

Each template type will have different fields that you can choose to embed within the email.  At any point while creating the template, you can click on the  button to open the list of fields you can embed into the template.

Embedded fields will appear surrounded by double curly braces {{like.this}}.  Please try not to change the field names within the curly braces, or removing the braces.  Doing so will affect the final rendering of the email.  If you need to remove a field, you need to remove the whole thing from the first bracket to the last.

TIP: Did you know that you can also use these merge fields within the Subject line of the email template as well? Now you can totally personalize the emails going out to your team!

Also please note that the editor is a full HTML compliant one, and that means you can change the font sizes and colors, as well as embed images and tables within the template for some extra pizzaz.

Fields You Can Embed

The types of fields you can embed are dictated by the template type (e.g. General, Recruitment etc.), but generally, you can embed critical details about the employee or job applicant, as well as other company specific fields and even special date fields.  Some examples of fields, which are fairly self explanatory, are:

  • employee.first_names
  • employee.last_name
  • employee.date_of_birth
  • employee.department

There are also a series of special date fields, which will be replaced by the appropriate dates at the time the email goes out, including:

  • date.tomorrow
  • date.yesterday
  • date.next_week
  • date.end_of_month
  • date.start_of_month

Using Templates

Actually using these templates is pretty easy.  Almost any area in HR Partner where you can send a message out, you will see a button that says 'Use Template' next to the Message header:

Just pick the predefined template, and the Subject and the Message contents in the window will be automatically replaced with the contents of the template.  You can still edit and refine the subject and message before sending it out.

Note: If you don't see the 'Use Template' button, then that simple means that you haven't created any ready-to-use templates for this particular section.

Here is an example of using a predefined template when sending out a checklist to an employee:

There are no limits to the number of templates that you can create, or the number of times you can reuse them.  Please feel free to build up a library of commonly used templates to save as much time as you can.