Filtering/Grouping Employees

HR Partner allows you to group or filter your employees so you only see a subset of them.  This also enables you to send messages to a particular group of employees in bulk.

How Do You Filter?

There are actually a couple of ways to filter employees.  The first way is from the Employee View screen.

Take a look at the header section of this screen.  You will notice in the example above, some of the fields have a little   icon next to them.

This is the 'link' icon, and it means that if you click on the icon, it will take you to the filter screen showing all matches for that title.

In our example above - if you look at Arlene's "Status" field, you will see that her status "Full Time" has the icon next to it.  Clicking on the icon will show you ALL employees who also have the status of "Full Time".

Similarly, if you click on the Arlene's  Department icon, you will see all other employees in her department.

See how simple this is?

Filtering By Tags

We learned earlier on about using "tags' for employees.  If you look at Arlene's example above, she has tag showing under her header for 'Project Icarus', 'Project Alcatraz' and 'Picnic Committee'.  Clicking on any of those tags will show you a filtered employee list for everyone who has the same tag.

Filtering From Categories

The other way to filter employees is via the  Categories setup screen.  If you go to 'Company', then 'Data Files' then 'Categories' on the left hand menu, you will be presented with all the category data such as Departments, Positions, Statuses etc.  This is where you can add, change or delete category items for your drop downs.

But if you take a close look at the existing categories, you will see that they have a small number in a circle next to them.  This is actually the number of employees who 'fit' that category, and you can simply click on the category name to see all of them similar to above.

And that is how to get filtered lists of employees in HR Partner.


How do you get back to the full list of employees again? Well, you simply click the 'Employees' menu on the left, or you can hit the 'Back' button in your browser.