Permissions & Security

There are some security options within HR Partner that can control what your users can and cannot see.

Firstly, when you approve a new user to join your company, or manually create a new user, you can restrict them from performing certain operations in HR Partner.  From the add user screen, we have the following options.

Security Rights

Under 'Security Rights - Basic', you can control whether a user can:

  • Create new employees
  • Edit existing employees
  • Import new employees via the API or the Integration to Payroll tools
  • Edit other information like the drop down lists within the app
  • Add or edit news articles and polls
  • Add or edit document files in the library
  • Can approve leave applications from employees
  • Can upload attachments when entering data on employees

Under 'Security Rights - Advanced', you can control:

  • Whether the user can perform system tasks like change company setups or add/remove users themselves
  • Can change subscription plans and make payments on behalf of the company

Under 'Security Rights - Communication', you can control:

  • Whether the user can send emails to employees
  • Whether the user can send SMS text messages to employees

Departmental Security

Under 'Department Access Allowed', you can specify on or more departments that the user can work with.  This means that the user can ONLY see employee that belongs to the nominated departments.

This is very useful for allowing, say, department managers to work with only their own employees and not be able to see or edit any other employee.

This is a very powerful feature in HR Partner, and helps to protect your employee's privacy, yet lets more people within your team work with the system.

Module Access

HR Partner is made up of many different submodules that allow you to store data against, such as Training orPerformance Reviews etc.

There may be cases where you have a manager or a junior HR assistant who will be responsible for entering data, but you may not want them to see information in a particular module.  In these cases, you can uncheck the module that you do not wish them to work in, and they will not see that option when they log into HR Partner themselves.

Granular security is very possible, and very flexible in our system.