Keeping Your Team Informed

Company News & Polls

HR Partner allows you to provide a steady release of news and other information to your employees, in one central place.

Users can update news items, and  Employees can then read these news items via the Employee Portal.

Not only read, but employees can also vote and comment on articles, making the whole process a two way street which makes the 'community' a lot stronger.


News articles are simply posts that can be anything from a simple one liner to thousands of lines long.  You can embed images and links in news articles to make the richer and far more interesting.


Polls allow your employee to vote on any subject.  For example, you might want to see what is the most popular choice for the company picnic, or you might want to get their feelings on an upcoming company announcement.  As well as voting, employees can also comment on polls for added benefit.

Creating an Article or Poll

First thing you need to do is to click on the 'News/Poll' option on the far left hand menu in HR Partner.  This will show you a list if news articles and polls already in the system.

To add a new article or poll, click on the green '+ Add A New' button on the top right.  When you click this button, you will be shown a drop down menu asking you whether you want to add a news article, or a poll.

The two types of articles contain some common fields, which we will discuss below.

News Article

The following described the fields in the above screen shot.

Title This is the heading or headline of the news article
Category You set up different categories of news (e.g General, Urgent etc.) and you can allocate an article to any of these categories.
Summary This is a short 'teaser' paragraph that will be shown to your employees on their portal.  Make it something short but interesting to get their interest.
Content This is where you type the actual content of the article that you want your employees to read.  Don't be afraid to use the toolbar on this editor window to change fonts, add some colour or images, or even add links to other web pages.
Publish On This is the date that you want the article published on.  You can 'pre load' articles in the system and then set the date at which they will appear on the employee's portals.
Publish Until This is the date that the article will be automatically removed (not shown) to your employees.  You can leave this field blank to make the article stay up indefinitely, or else put an end date in for articles with a designated lifespan.
Department Access Normally, news articles are shown to ALL employees.  Leave this field blank to keep it that way.  However, if you have an article that ONLY pertains to employees within a certain department (e.g. all your sales staff), then you can enter in one or more departments who will be the only ones to see this article.
Active You can nominate whether this article is active, i.e. will be shown on the employee portal.  There may be occasions where you need to remove an article for a short time - instead of deleting it, you can simply make it 'not active'.  Similarly, if you are typing up a long article and want to save it and come back to it later, uncheck this box so that your work in progress is not accidentally shown to your employees.
Allow Comments You can opt to allow your employees to enter comments on an article, or not.  It is entirely up to you as to how much discussion you wish to encourage.
Broadcast You can tick this box to send a broadcast email to all your employees alerting them that there is a new news article that has been published on their portals.  Do this for any urgent items that you need them to look at.


A poll has most of the same pieces of information as a new article, except that it has no 'Contents' section, instead, it has an area where you can add the individual poll selections, or options.

You can add as many options as you want on each poll, but we suggest keeping it to 10 or less options in order to keep it manageable.  You can even drag and drop the poll options to sort them into the order you want.


You CANNOT change a poll option description once you save the poll. The only thing you can do is to delete the option later and add another one. But bear in mind if you delete a poll option, you will lose all the votes for that option that your employees have already entered.

As with news articles, you can allow your employee to post comments, or not.  It is entirely up to you how much discussion you wish to encourage.

Lastly, there is an option in the polls to allow employees to select more than one option.  By defauly, they can only vote for ONE option only, but there may be circumstances where you might want them to select more than one option.

Editing and Deleting Articles & Polls

News articles and polls can be edited or deleted from the main listing screen.  Simply click on the buttons to the right of the new article list line to do so.


Unless you are the main HR Partner company administrator, you can only delete articles and polls that YOU have created yourself.