Setting up the Timeclock Function (Clocking In and Out)

If you're looking to make time tracking easier for your team, HR Partner has a Timeclock module which automatically populates timesheets as your team clock in and out.

As well as a timeclock widget in the Employee Portal, we have a standalone Timeclock screen which can be run on a PC, laptop or iPad at your various work locations to let your staff clock in and out as they enter or leave the workplace for maximum convenience.

Turning On The Timeclock

The Timeclock module is intrinsically linked to the Timesheets module which means you have to have Timesheets turned on in order to use the clock in/out function.  The clocking actions will populate the employee's current timesheet sequence so that they don't have to, in fact, they needn't even know they have a timesheet!

To activate the Timeclock module head to Setup > Company Info and scroll to the "Additional Modules" list towards the bottom of the page, then select the following checkbox under the Timesheets module area:

Once turned on here, you will have to specify which of your timesheet templates will have the clock in/out functionality. 

To turn on timeclocks for a particular Timesheet, go to Timesheets > Configure > Templates and click the 'Edit' button next to the template you wish to change.  Then, in the middle of the timesheet options, turn on this checkbox:

One final thing to consider is whether you would like your staff to clock in and out via a widget on their Employee Self Service Portal, or whether you would prefer them to use the standalone Timeclock.

Widget vs Standalone Timeclock

If your employees work remotely, then asking them to clock in and out on their Employee Portal may be the best option for you. If this is the method of clocking in and out you opt for, you will need to head to Setup > Configure > ESS Portal and enable the function first and foremost:

Working in this way, means that your employees will have a timeclock display towards the top left of their Employee Portal home page:

If your employees are based on site, another option is for you to have a tablet or computer at the entrance and use a publicly accessible standalone Timeclock. This can be designed using your own pantones and logo, and would essentially require each staff member to enter in a code upon entry and exit. You can read more about how to set this up here.

The next step is to make sure that your employees are set up to use the timeclocks properly!