Preparing for Employees Clocking in and out

So you've built your timesheets, assigned them to the relevant employees and enabled time clocking - what next?

We would recommend heading into an employee record and hitting the "Edit Employee Details" button on the top right, then jumping to the third tab named "ESS Portal" where you will see some additional information and options around time tracking.

When the timeclock is turned on, you need to decide whether you would like to grant your employees access to their timesheets so that they can make edits and essentially override their timeclock actions or whether you would prefer to prevent this from happening. If you would like to allow employees to view/edit their timesheet you must check box (1) below.

You must also ensure that the timesheet template in (2) is a template that has the option turned ON for timeclock tracking.

If using the standalone Timeclock, employees will need to clock in/out using a code. By default this will be set to their Employee Code, however this can be changed if you'd prefer in (3)

NOTE: Please make sure that the Timeclock IDs you set up are unique within your company.

If clocking in/ out via the ESS Portal widget, a code is not necessary. In this case employees will simply need to log into their portal and hit the "Start timeclock" button on the relevant widget which can be found on the top right of the widget area: