Assigning a Timesheet to Employees

Now that you've created your timesheet it's time to decide who needs to complete it! We've outlined the three different ways that you can add employees to a timesheet template below:

Option 1

Head to Timesheets > Configure > Templates and click on the person icon shown here:

Option 2

Head to Employees > Data > Bulk Update and select the employees you would like to assign to a specific template:

Then select the option to "Set a Timesheet Template":

Finally, select the template you would like to add them to:

Option 3

Head to an employee's record and select the "Edit Employee Details" button on the top right. On the next page that opens select the middle tab named "ESS Portal" and scroll down to the section on Timesheets:

NOTE: For each of these methods to work, the employee must first have permission to be able to complete a timesheet. You give this permission by following the path outlined in option (3) Edit Employee Details > ESS Portal and scrolling down to the "Timesheets" header, then checking the box immediately under the header which reads "Employee can enter timesheet via portal".

Adding an Employee to a Timesheet when the Sequence has already been created

If you have a new employee start part-way through a timesheet sequence, or have other changes that happen in the middle of a sequence, in addition to adding the employee to the Timesheet Template, you'll also need to follow another step or two. Open the new timesheet sequence, select the "Sequence Action" button on the bottom right and select the option to "Sync Employees".

If your employee is migrating from one timesheet template to another, this step must be followed in both their old and new sequences.

This will check for any employees that should be added to (or taken off) the timesheet sequence. When a new sequence is added, the employees that have been added will automatically be included so this is only a one-off step required.