Using the Standalone Timeclock

Using The Standalone Timeclock Portal

To use the portal, all your employees have to do is to enter in their Employee or Timeclock code.  They enter it once to clock in, then enter it again to clock out. 

The only extra thing is if you have Project/Activity tracking turned on for the Timesheet Template that the employee is linked to.  If this is the case, then the employee will be asked to (optionally) choose the Project and the Activity that they will be working on during this clocking session.

Once they are logged in, they will see this confirmation message for a short while:

They can hit 'Continue' to reset the screen, or it will automatically continue after a few seconds if the employee walks away.

To clock out, they simply enter in their Employee or Timeclock code again, and the system will confirm that they have clocked out, and will show them their total working time this session:

As soon as they clock out, the time entry will be saved to their Timesheet sequence.

NOTE:  If your employee Timesheet Template is set to the 'Multi ' entry type, then your employee will be able to clock in and out MULTIPLE times per day.  If however your Timesheet Template is set to 'Simple' your employee will only be able to clock in ONCE per day and any further clocking attempts will be blocked. 'Single' entry timesheets are not currently supported within the Timeclock fuction

IMPORTANT: You must already have generated a timesheet sequence for the date(s) that the employees will be using the clock portal to clock IN and OUT.  If the sequence is (a) not generated, or (b) been locked, or (c) the Employee's timesheet has already been marked '_Accepted_', then their clocking information will NOT be saved.