Getting Started - Logging in and Overview

If you are an Employee and your Organization is currently using HR Partner, there is a lot to learn! Below we've outlined a few of the major parts of the system that can help you navigate through your own Employee Portal and get started using the system for your needs. Please also refer back to our other articles for Employees to learn more about Leave Requests, Checklists and much more!

Logging Into HR Partner

By now, you would have received an email inviting you to log in and use your own Employee Portal. Inside that email would be a link to login to your Organization's account, a Portal Username and a link to reset your password. Every Employee at your organization has an individualized Portal and each Employee has a unique Portal Username and a unique password, so keep that information safe!

Your Organization has a unique URL associated with the account.  The subdomain for your Organization could be a shortened version of your Organization's name.  So for instance, 'Acme Enterprises' could be hosted at ''.  So you need to ensure that your URL is correct, AND you will also need to ensure that you have included the word '/portal' at the end of your company subdomain URL to specifically log into the Employee Portal - i.e.

You will know you are in the right spot when you see the word  'Employee Portal' below your Organization's Name and Logo (see below screenshot). You will also need to know your unique Portal Username and you will need to reset your Password the first time you decide to log into your Employee Portal.

Still having problems logging in? We outlined many of the most common problems and possible solutions here: Problems Logging into Your Employee Portal?

Your Dashboard

As soon as you log into your Portal, you will see your Dashboard view. Here you can see Shortcuts towards the center of the screen that will take you to your most commonly used Tasks. Beneath the Shortcuts, there are many other Widgets were you can see pieces of information related to your Employee Profile within your Organization.

On the left-hand side of the screen is your Navigation Menu (the blue column) that will take you to each section of your Employee Portal.

Updating Your Profile Information

Go to your  My Profile page to update Contact Information and Address Information, including Emergency Contact information for your Managers to see and access if the need arises.

You can also update your Profile Image, Biography and even make adjustments to the "Look and Feel" of your Employee Portal.

NOTE: The ability to make changes to your own Biography may not be available, depending on your Organization's settings and restrictions.

My Documents

It's very likely that your Organization will share Documents and Files that are specific to you via your My Documents tab. You can even take the time to upload your own files and data as you may like.

Employee Directory

The Employee Directory is an easy way to see all of your Organization's team members and fellow staff. You can search for specific team members and you can contact them based on what types of Contact Info they have shared publicly. A great way to stay connected with fellow team members!

Organizational Chart

Click on the Org Chart to see a complete organizational chart of your team. You can also toggle the view to see things horizontally or vertically, depending on which you prefer.

Company Calendar

The Company Calendar allows you to see company events, holidays and your approved leave events in once place. You may even be able to see annual leave for other members of your team or the entire company!

Time Off & Leave

One of the most commonly used areas of your Employee Portal is the  Time Off & Leave area, where you can submit a new Leave Request, review your past Leave Requests, approve another person's Leave Request that has been sent to you (this may not be something you are assigned to do) and see any History.

Take a look at our article specifically for Submitting a Leave Request to learn how to submit a Time Off Request via your Portal.


If you do have to complete a Timesheet, you will be given the option to complete a Timesheet on the left-hand Navigation Menu. If you don't, the Timesheets option will not appear for you.

To complete a Timesheet, take a look at our Timesheets video tutorial to walk you through completing and submitting a Timesheet of your own.


If you have been asked to compete a Checklist for your organization, then you will find that here. You will also be able to see Checklists that you have previously completed. If you have any outstanding items that need to be completed as a part of a Checklist please complete those task items as soon as possible!


It's possible that your Organization allows Employees to submit Expenses and request for reimbursement through your Employee Portal. Use the Expenses section to submit an expense claim over to your supervisor - don't forget to attach your receipt as well!


Custom Forms allow any Employee to self-select a Form from the library for available online Forms and complete that Form through your own Employee Portal, or you can access a Form that has already been assigned to you. Use these Forms to complete surveys, appraisals and to submit in information over to your management team.


You will see the e-Signatures section on the Navigation Menu if you have been asked to electronically sign any document. Use the e-Signatures module to click through a Document and complete any text field, date field or a signature that may be needed. You can also see your documents that you have signed in the past!


The Company Library stores documents, web links, videos and any other information that is shared across the Organization. It's very likely that this is where you will be able to find updated policies, procedures, manuals and training documents.

Company News & Announcements

The News tab is an area where your supervisors and Admin Users will share News, Announcements, Updates and Polls with you and your fellow Employees from time to time. You may also receive an email notification when a new News update has been posted, but always be sure to check on the News tab frequently to see the latest updates and information that your Organization will share with you.

If you click on a News item individually, that item will open up a separate window and will expand the News item so that you can see any included text, photos or links that may be helpful.


The Pinboard is the area where you can 'pin' short public messages to all of your fellow Employees. It's a very easy way to post a short congratulatory message, a classified ad or any other type of message to all of your co-workers and colleagues. An easy way to interact with your Organization!

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible that one or more of these sections of the HR Partner Employee Portal are not activated for your specific organization. If you do not see an area of the system that is referenced in this article and you think that you should, please contact your team's Administrative User.