Getting Started - Video Tutorials

If you are an employee and your organization has just started using HR Partner, or you've just joined a company that uses HR Partner, then this section is for you!

These videos give you an overview of the Employee Portal - how to navigate around and use the basic functions.

An Introduction to the Employee Portal

An introduction for employees starting to use HR Partner. Here, we give you an overview of the Employee Portal. This includes updating your employee profile information, adding a biography / introduction, viewing the employee directory, and accessing further help.

The Company Directory and Organizational Chart in the Employee Portal

Learn how to access the company directory to access your team's contact details and view their profiles. You can also see the timezones for everyone here too. Plus, you can access the organizational chart to see how everyone fits in together.

Submitting Leave / Vacation Requests through the Employee Portal

A video for employees to see how to submit leave / vacation requests through the HR Partner Employee Portal.

How to Complete a Checklist in HR Partner

Learn how to complete a checklist that has been sent to you via HR Partner. This includes filling in forms, uploading files, and completing eSignature documents.

Using News, Polls and Pins in the HR Partner Employee Portal

Learn how to access the latest company news and employee polls for your company in HR Partner. Plus, create pins to communicate with your team.