Using Smart Reminders

You can add Smart Reminders to your account to remind you when important deadlines are coming up! Smart Reminders are an easy way to keep track of dates and deadlines.

Start by going to the Employee's Profile. Smart Reminders can be created for any type of entry in the Modules section of the Employee's Profile, so if you need to be reminded of any upcoming changes, you can set those reminders up here!

Every time you enter or update a module entry for an employee, you will have the option to add a reminder that can prompt you to take further action in the future.

For example, let's scroll down to the Performance Reviews module and Add Performance Review. A separate window will open and you can add in the information related to the Performance Review at hand. Scroll down towards the bottom half of the window and check the box entitled Set a reminder, add the date that you want to be reminded and then add in the name of the Admin User to the Set Reminder For box and that User will get an email notification and reminder in their Dashboard when the time comes!

Don't forget, you can also click the green Edit circle towards the right and add a Smart Reminder for any existing entry at all!