Renewable Documents

It is so easy to document and upload renewable documents to each Employee's profile so that you keep track of these things as a part of their Employee Profile.

As with our other modules, you can choose to edit a Renewable Document Type to anything that you need to track within your organization! To add and edit these Types, go to Setup > Configure > Lists. Then you can scroll down to find the menu for Renewable Document Types and Add Renewable Type (or edit and delete, using the circular buttons towards the right).

Add a New Renewable Document

Start by going to the Employee's Profile, then scroll down to find the Renewable Documents module.

Click on Add Renewable Document and a new menu will open where you will be able to enter in all relevant information for that document.

Towards the bottom of the menu, there is an option to Set a Reminder for yourself or for another Admin User. Checking the box to Set a Reminder means that the designated Admin User will automatically be emailed on the date of the reminder regarding this specific entry.

You can also upload a file and store this as a part of the Document entry. Any file that is stored as a part of a module on an Employee's profile will automatically save to that entry, but also can be found in the File Attachments module for future reference.

To view this document again, just click on the aqua Edit circle towards the right of the Document entry and then scroll down to the bottom of the menu. The file attachment that was previously uploaded can easily be found here!