Exporting Your Data

There may come a time when you need to export your employee data, whether it's to change or start a new account in HR Partner or the unfortunate circumstance of closing out your account.

Rest assured, you can obtain your data if you need it. To honor GDPR requirements, the account owner can request a data export by contacting our customer support team. We are happy to provide you with an occasional export, in a timely manner. Our customer success team can export and send your employee and/or recruitment data in the form of JSON files. We do this for you because it would be quite intensive on the servers if our customers did this themselves. However, there are also areas in HR Partner where our customers can export their own data.

If the purpose of obtaining your data is to move one HR Partner account's data to a new HR Partner account (perhaps in the situation of an acquisition) we don’t support importing this data via JSON in the app, only via CSV.  In this circumstance, customers could use the API to import the JSON (but that requires programming expertise).

It's important to note that even though our Customer Success team can do a data export for our customers, it's not something we can do on a regular basis due to this type of request only being done in extreme circumstances (such as the cancellation of an account).

Employee-Specific Data Exports

If you only need a specific employee's data to be exported, you are able to download this data as a JSON file from their employee profile. Once you are on the employee's profile, scroll down until you see the 'Export Employee Data' button (below 'Recent Portal Logins') on the left side of the profile.

These employee-specific JSON files house data such as their full names, contact details, general details (i.e. employee code, gender, location, etc.), custom fields, and record data from their employee module menu.

Warning: uploaded files need to be downloaded separately

It's important to note that documents (such as those housed in an employee's File Attachment center, or an applicant's profile in the Recruitment feature) do not get exported in these JSON downloads.

If file attachments are needed, we suggest individually downloading them.

Exporting Data via CSV

Our Reports feature allows you to download CSV reports of your employee records (data housed in the employee modules), time tracking and leave, recruiting, and operations/finance data. You can easily do so by going to Reports and selecting the appropriate report for the data you need. After making any customizations to your report (if applicable), scroll to the bottom of the page, select the arrow next to the 'Print' icon, and select 'Export to CSV'.

You will also have the option to export your data as a JSON file or download all attachments that are linked to the results of the report (See the related article here for more information on downloading attachments).

The Leave Availability Report

HR Partner has a Leave Availability report housed in the Time Off and Leave feature. Its purpose is to show your employees' current leave balances for each policy allocated to them, like how they are displayed in their individual leave balance tables tied to their employee profiles. You can export this data as a CSV by going to Time Off & Leave > Availability > select the 'Actions' button > and select 'Export to CSV'.

If you have any questions about exporting data, our support team is here to help. Just send us a message!