Downloading Attachments With A Report

Sometimes, you may want to download all attachments that go together with a particular report.

For example, you may be printing off all approved expense claims for last month, and you need to download all receipts that have been uploaded against the expense claims to send to the accounts department along with the printed report for reconciliation.

The good news is that this is possible to do within HR Partner now.  It is a 2 step process:

Choose the report you wish to print, and then set up all your parameters (e.g. Date ranges, filter by department or status etc.) and then click ' Print' to print off a hard copy of your report, then
From the same report options screen, leave all the parameters the same, but click the arrow next to the ' Print' button, and choose ' Download Attachments'

This will then create a ZIP file that automatically downloads, containing all the attachments for all the records that have been printed.  This will work with almost any module in HR Partner, like Training (where you might want to download certificates of achievement) or Absences (where you may want to download scanned doctor's notes) and others.

Warning: If your report is large and has a lot of attachments, or large file attachments, then this process may take a while to completed - as long as a couple of minutes, so please be patient.