About our API

The HR Partner API

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a standard method that different applications use to 'talk' to one another.

HR Partner actually has a complex API already built into the system, and we actually use that API ourselves within the app to generate all the reports in the system.  So we know it is robust and capable.

As at this time, the API is currently private, while we still polish it for general release.  At present, it is a 'read only' API, but soon we will have full read/write capacity as well.

When Will It Be Ready?

We can't say yet, because an API is a complex beast to program, and we are still focused on many other parts of our app that are in more urgent need of work.  With that said, we should have it ready to roll out soon.

We will have a totally separate documentation site for the API, which will allow you to learn and appreciate it much more.