Advanced Tips for Recruitment: Getting a JSON Feed of your Job Listings

Every client of HR Partner has a built in Job Board that comes with every subscription to HR Partner. The Job Board automatically populates all Job Listings and gives your applicants a place to go to learn more about your company and the job itself. Many of our clients choose to configure the Job Board with colors, photos and information that showcases their company and you can even embed the Job Board into your own company website for more visibility.

Did you know that you can also go a step further and create your own web page that contains the latest job listings that you've posted, in a more dynamic way?

The idea came from one of our current customers who is also a software development firm and they wanted to populate the Job Listings from the Recruitment module into their own dynamic web page to allow for more configurations. We were more than happy to support them in this, especially since it has been requested by other customers as well!

A JSON Feed of Your Job Listings

Since this information is not yet available on our API, an effective solution is the sync your Job Listings using a JSON feed.

What is a JSON Feed? The JSON web feed is a file format meant for web syndication (sharing across URLs) in the JSON type rather than the XML type.

To start, you will need to have (or create!) a dedicated public job URL that you want to use to sync your job listings. This can be your own company's Careers site, or maybe another area of your company's website.

Then, you will need to append ?output=json at the end of the public job URL, and voila! The job listing will be presented to you as a JSON array and not an HTML page.

Of course, the original HTML page will still be there at the old URL, but if you wanted to grab the information using Javascript AJAX calls, you just need to issue a GET request with the added parameter.  Then you can do with the JSON job data as you like!

Below is an example of getting a JSON feed HR Partner's own Ariel Air Charters, our Demo account: