Customizing Your Public Job Board

Every customer of HR Partner is provided with a public Job Board where you can list your open Job Listings.  This Job Board can then be shared and publicized on any external site to advertise your open Job Listings: on your Company's website, social media sites and on any print or web advertising channels so that any potential Applicant can visit the Job Board and access and apply for open Jobs.

Your public job portal is available on:

https://[your subdomain]

(Note: You will need to have the recruitment module turned on for this job portal to be available).

Customizing The Layout

Go to Recruitment -> Configure -> Job Board on the left hand menu and you will see a screen where you can change the layout of certain elements of your Job Board.

Here is a brief description of the fields:

Company Logo And Name This is where you can set where your company logo (if you have uploaded one) will be displayed, as well as your company name.  If your logo already includes your name, you may want to turn off the display of your company name to prevent a double up on the header.
Title For Job Listing This is the text that will be displayed above the list of open jobs. You can change the wording to suit yourself (e.g. " Current Jobs" or "Apply For These Now!" etc.).
Company Colors You can choose from a virtually unlimited number of colors here for the background and buttons on your public job portal.
Company Description This is where you can go to town to write an enticing description about your company that will encourage applicants to want to work for you.  This is a full HTML editor, so you can change the fonts, color of text, and even insert pictures of your company or team. This information will be shown on the header of your public job board.
Company Website If you want candidates to be able to visit your web site (or a special employment page on your website), you can enter the address in here.  Leave this field blank to not show a link on your job portal.

At the bottom of the page, there are some options for extra information that can be shown on your public job portal.

  1. This is the location that the job is in (same as what will be pushed to integrated job boards).
  2. This is the position type (full time, part time, casual etc.).
  3. This is the HR Partner department name that the job belongs to.
  4. This is the time until this particular job listing is deemed closed and will disappear from the public job portal.
  5. This is the button the applicant can click on to view more details about the job.

Options (1) to (4) above can be turned on or off globally via the settings on the job board configuration page.

There there are a few more options for enhancing your job board:

Page redirect after submission This is the URL of a page where you wish to redirect the candidate after the complete an application form on your public job board.  By default, the candidate will be taken back to the list of open jobs, but you can take them to a 'thank you' page on your own website or another site to complete a second part of their application process.

reCAPTCHA You also have the option of using reCAPTCHA to prevent and guard against any spam or bot submissions on your Job Board.
Prevent search engine indexing You can elect to tell search engine 'bots' (such as ones from Google) to NOT index your page or to include them in their search results.  Setting this to 'Yes' will create a special header in your job board and job listings advising search crawlers to not index your pages.
Google Analytics Code If you have a Google Analytics account set up to track page visits etc., you can now use your own GA tracking code on your job boards so you can analyse page visits and frequency.  Simply cut and paste your GA tracking code into this field and we will send page results to your GA account immediately.