Posting a Job

HR Partner's Recruitment section of the system services as a built-in Applicant Tracking System - you have the ability to create and post Job Listings, gather Applicants, schedule interviews and hire the Applicant that best fits your organizational needs!

Before You Start: Set Up Your Templates!

Posting a Job is an incredibly easy and intuitive process, but before you begin you must create and set up your Templates for Applicant Stages and Scorecards. You must also create your Application Form so that the Job Listing that you post asks your Applicants the right questions. Take a look at our articles related to Creating an Application Form, Setting Up Your Scorecard Items, and Using Scorecard Templates in a Job Listing.

Please Note:

Once you create and post a Job Listing, the Application FormScorecard Template and Applicant Stage that you've selected cannot be changed or edited retroactively. You must create an entirely new Job Listing to include a newly created template. Some of these settings are only editable while this Job Listing has no Applicants, but are locked down as soon as the first application for this job is entered, so we recommend that you don't skip this step!

For fastest data entry, we also recommend that you have set up the following items before saving and posting a new Job Listing:

  • Your Departments, Locations and Employment Statuses that pertain to this job listing.
  • Your Application Stages and Scorecard Items, as well as the corresponding Templates for this job listing.
  • Your custom Application Form that all Applicants will fill out when applying for this job listing.

Creating a New Job Listing

Start by going over to Recruitment -> Jobs and then click on the green button that says Add a Job Listing.

This will open up a new window where you will enter in all of the corresponding Job Listing Details.

Each area of the Job Listing is important to complete to the best of your ability. Please read on for more details related to each area of the Job Listing:


Write the title of your Job Listing here.

Application Form

Here you can select the application form that you'd like to use for this position. You may select an existing application form that you have used in the past, or create a new one.

If you haven't already created an application form for this position, no worries -- simply go to Recruitment -> Configure -> Forms to create one.


Add a brief Summary of the job here -- this summary will be included in the preview on your Careers page. 1-2 sentences is best. (This is not the appropriate area for your entire job description content!)

Position Identifier

Select a position type from the dropdown list. If you can't find one for the position, you can type in a new one in order to add it. Once you find a candidate to hire, this will later be their position title within HR Partner.

Employment Status

Choose whether the job is full-time, part-time, or other. 


Select the department of this position.


Select the office location of this position, for example: "London Office" or "Headquarters." If you don't have your specific office location in the system yet, open up a new window and go to Setup -> Configure -> Categories -> Locations to add a custom Location.

Just below you can add in more specific details about the Location of the position. Adding in City, State, Country, and Post/Zip Code can help your Applicants find the job and understand where it is located.

Web Content

Here you can write (or copy & paste) the full job description. This is an enhanced text editor which means that you can keep it as simple (or get as fancy) as you'd like! You can bold text, add bullets, change font colors, create headers, and edit the font sizes.

Publish On & Until

Under "Publish On," select the date that you'd like the job listing to go live. 

In the "Until" field, you can add a job listing expiration date. You can leave this blank if you don't know when you will take the job listing down.

NOTE: If you plan to use our Glassdoor integration, it is very important that you fill out an expiration date for the position under "Until" (even if it is a month or several months in the future).

Evaluation Panel

The evaluation panel is a simple list of the people on your team that will be involved directly in the hiring process.

Admin Users on Panel: Admin users are typically managers. In this section, you can select the administrative users who will be involved in the hiring process for this role. Note: Only admin users will be able to mark the candidate as "hired" once an offer has been made. 

If you start typing in an admin user's name and it doesn't appear or you can't find someone, it likely means that they must first be added as a User within HR Partner (you can find this in Company --> Users).

Employees on Panel: Select any employees that will be involved in the hiring process for this role. 


Application Stage Template: You can nominate the various Stages that your employees will move through during the application process. You can set up as many Stages as you'd like by going to Recruitment --> Configure --> Lists --> Applicant Stages, and then you can group or order the stages by create a template on the Stage Templates page.

Scorecard Template: Scorecards contain the attributes that the selection panel will rate the applicants on. You can create as many attributes as you'd like by going to Recruitment --> Configure --> Lists --> Scorecard Stages, and create templates to groups and order them via a Scorecard Templates page.

Preview Listing

If you'd like to double check to see what your job listing will look like before it's live on the web, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click the gray "Preview Listing" button.

Publishing Your Job Listing

Once you're ready to publish your Job Listing to your company's Job Board, click the green Save button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

Once you've clicked Save, the job will be live on your Job Board page immediately. Wondering where your Job Board is? Click on Recruitment -> Home -> Open Public Job Board and you will automatically be brought to the Job board URL for your organization.