Setting up Applicant Stages & Scorecard Items

When you first start with Recruitment, there are many areas that will need to be configured to match your organization's hiring process. Start by going to Recruitment -> Configure -> Lists to find Applicant Stages and Scorecard Items. Here you will be able to add custom Applicant Stages and Scorecard Items, or edit the default options in the system.

Applicant Stages

Applicant Stages are the different custom stages you'd like to have as options later in your Applicant Stage Templates. They are linked to Applicant Stage Templates.

Examples of Applicant Stages might be: Group Interview, In-Person Interview, etc.

After adding your options in, you can head on over to the Applicant Stage Templates section to organize them into templates. To find this, go to Recruitment -> Configure -> Templates and assemble your custom templates by clicking Add Stage Template.

Scorecard Items

Here you can add the qualities that you'd like listed as options when creating a candidate Scorecard Template.

After you're done adding all of the options you'd like, you'll want to create a Scorecard Template by heading over to Recruitment -> Configure -> Templates. (You can read more about that here.)