Creating an Application Form for Recruitment

Application Forms are the Forms that are used and attached to any new Job Listing. They contain questions that you want to ask any new Applicant that will apply for your organization's Job Listing.
To get started with Application Forms please go to Recruitment -> Configure -> Forms.  
In this area you can design custom Application Forms that will be attached to Job Listings for your Applicants to fill out when they apply for any Job Listing that is active and available. This will enable you to tailor your application process to better qualify Applicants who apply. You can make these Forms as long or as short as you would like.
Start by clicking on Add New Form in the top right corner. This will open up a separate window where you can create a Form from scratch. (You may notice that there are also default Forms that are built into your system during your trial period. You are welcome to use these Forms and edit them or tailor them to your liking.)
Creating a custom Application Form is very easy to do. Start by naming your Application Form and then use the drag-and-drop interface to construct the fields that you wish to show your Applicant on a job application.
Before you start constructing your Application Form please remember that First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields will already be asked by default, so you only need to ask for any additional information that you think is necessary for the Job Listing you will post.
Once you've created your custom Application Form and have edited the fields to include questions that are relevant to your Job Listing and to your organization's specific needs, click Save at the bottom and the Form will be activated and ready for use immediately!