Terminating an Employee

When you mark an employee as "terminated" in HR Partner, their records will still be kept in the system unless you delete them.

Many HR Managers wish to mark the employee as terminated without deleting their history (in order to reference it later).

To do this, follow the steps below.

Video Tutorial

Text Tutorial

Click the employee's name, then the Edit Employee Details button on the right.

Scroll down until you find the button that says Terminate Employee

Click Terminate Employee.

When prompted, select the employee's termination date along with a reason.

Adding Custom Termination Reasons

Occasionally, you might want to add new termination reasons that aren't already in the system. Don't worry, it's simple! Simply go to Company—>Data Files—>Categories. Scroll down to the Termination Reasons section and add them there.

It Automatically Updates Position History

For your convenience, if the employee's position is listed in the Positions & Salaries section, marking them as "Terminated" will automatically update their end date in that section as well.