Terminating an Employee

Terminating an Employee in the system means that the Employee will remain in your system so you'll be able to actually see the history of the Employee for your records. (Deleting an Employee entirely from your HR Partner system requires several additional steps.)

Terminating an Employee is an excellent option for those who wish to retain the information related to the Employee for referencing in the future, but don't necessarily want to see this Employee's information daily.

To mark your Employee as 'Terminated' while also keeping that Employee data, first go to the Employee's profile and then click on Edit Employee Details > Employment Info and the scroll down to the Terminate Employee button in orange.

Click on Terminate Employee and this will bring up a separate window so that you an record additional information related to the termination, including the date, termination reason and any relevant notes.

Don't forget: you can also customize your Termination Reasons by going to Setup > Configure > Categories.

When you go back into Employees > All Employees you will notice that the terminated Employee now has a designation towards the right side so that you can easily separate those who are terminated from those who are not.

Filtering Out Terminated Employees

When in the Employees > All Employees you also have the option of filtering out those employees who have been terminated so that you do not see them in this view on an everyday basis.

Click on the Filter (ON) button towards the right side of your screen and this will open a separate window where you can filter Employees based on your different needs.

To Filter out the terminated Employees, select YES for "Show Active Employees Only?" and click NO for "Show Terminated Employees".

Adding Custom Termination Reasons

Occasionally, you might want to add new termination reasons that aren't already in the system. Don't worry, it's simple! Simply go to Setup > Configure > Categories. Scroll down to the Termination Reasons section and add any new reasons (or edit existing reasons!) there.

HR Partner Automatically Updates Position History

For your convenience, if the employee's position is listed in the Positions & Salaries section, marking them as "Terminated" will automatically update their end date in that section as well. (This means that if the employee is ever re-hired, you will still retain the data and information related to the employee's last position and salary before termination.)