Managing Employee Files

One of the many benefits of implementing HR Partner is having all of your employee files stored securely in one place. In a world where increasing numbers of us are working remotely an added advantage of this is easy access to these documents when not in the office. 

How to Add files

You can add files to an employee record by opening the record from your Admin User portal and selecting "File Attachments from the list of modules on the left hand side. Once in the "File Attachments" area you will see that you can either click in the box at the top to open up your computer files and attach that way, or simply drag and drop. 

Note: Files uploaded from other modules in an Employee record will also be shown in the "File Attachments" area. These can be easily identified by a tag, which informs the User of -and links back to- the module in which the document originated.

Categories within File Attachments

To enhance the Users' visibility and usability of the "File Attachments" area, it is now possible to have "Categories" of documents, these work like the files in your computer documents. To add a new category simply head to "File Attachments" and select the "Add A New Category" option directly underneath the document upload area.  

You can then name the new category and restrict access to the category according to department.

NOTE: General Admin User access to the File Attachment area of an Employee Record is determined by heading to Setup > Users selecting the relevant User, scrolling down the page to "Permission Settings" and then heading to the second tab along named "Access".

The "Department Access Allowed" option depicted in the screenshot above is more specific, allowing you greater control over who sees what within "File Attachments". For example, if you have somebody in responsible for Payroll who has Admin level access to HR Partner, and as part of that can view File Attachments, you may create a Category for Payslips, and restrict access so that only those Admin Users who sit within your Finance Department can view it.

Moving Documents

Documents can be moved to other categories or linked to entries against other modules easily. This eradicates the need to saved documents that are stored within "File Attachments" to your computer, in order to re-upload them elsewhere within HR Partner. This is much more secure and much less work for your Admin Users!

Moving Documents to a Category

If you would like to move a document to a (different) Category, simply click on the settings wheel on the bottom right corner of that document and then select "Move File To":

Linking Documents to other Modules

You can link documents stored in File attachments to other modules too, but that must be done from the other module and not from within "File Attachments". For example, if you have a document such as a passport stored here, you would need to head to the "Renewable Documents" module and link it from there. Continuing with the example of the passport, the steps as to how you would do this are outlined below:

1) Head to "Renewable Documents" within and Employee Record  and select "Add Renewable Document" on the top right

2) You will then be taken to the screen below, which gives you the option to "Link existing Employee File Instead":

NOTE: The view in other modules will differ from this example however the way in which you add a new instance, and add an existing file to that instance are the same.

Employees and File Attachments

When Employees log into their Employee Self Service Portal they will be able to see a section called "My Documents", which is essentially the documents you have stored in their "File Attachments" and given them access to.

What can they see?

Documents stored in the "File Attachments" area which are viewable to the Employee from their Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) are marked with an eye symbol on the bottom left corner, as seen in the screenshot below. To change whether are not a document is viewable to an Employee, simply click on the settings wheel on the bottom right corner and you have the option to Show / Hide From Employee Portal.

NOTE: An Employee can only upload documents into HR Partner through the "My Documents" area of their ESS. If a document is intended for a different module or purpose, it would be the Amin User's responsibility to go into the other module and link the document that the Employee had uploaded to the correct module.