Creating & Using Employee Tags

Do you use Employee Tags yet? Employee Tags are a simple and effective way to group Employees into different projects or clubs in your organization.

What are Tags?

Tags are just another way to group your employees.  You can create as many Tags as you like, and allocate as many Tags as you like to each Employee.

Creating Tags

You'll head back to your Categories screen to setup new Tags for use.  Start by going to Setup > Configure > Categories on the left side of your Admin Portal screen.

Once in the window showing all the Category data, look for the Tags section in the lower right.  From here you can see existing tags, and Edit or Add New as many as you need!


You can click on any Tag name to see all Employee who have this Tag allocated to them!

Tagging an Employee

To Tag and Employee, first go to the Employee's profile and click on the green button called Edit Employee Details.

Towards the bottom of the Edit Employee Details menu, there is a section dedicated to Employee Tags. Here you can add or remove Tags for the Employee.

You can click in the field which will show you a drop down of all the Tags available for use.  Simply scroll down to choose a tag or start typing a tag name to narrow down the list. Don't forget to hit Save before leaving this screen!

Where are the Tags shown?

Tags are shown on the front page of the Employee's profile! Head over to an Employee profile and look towards the top section of the screen, as shown below:


You can click on any of the Tags in the Employee's profile (as seen on the screenshot above), and you will be taken to another screen showing all Employees that have the same tag. From here, you can communicate with all of the Employees with similar Tags by email or by SMS text message. Such an easy way to communicate a group of Employees! Take a look at our article entitled "Communicating With Employees" for more details on how this works.

What would you use Tags for?

There are many options when using Tags. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Identifying Employees that belong to certain committees - you can create a Tag for each committee (e.g. 'Party Planning Committee') and then allocate Employees that belong in that committee to that Tag.
  • Identifying Employees in certain locations or floors of your building.
  • Identifying Employees by their work location (e.g. 'Field Employee' or 'Remote').
  • Categorizing trainees, students and interns.
  • People working on a particular project - just create a tag for each project and allocate employees to them.
  • and much, much more!