Configure Your Company Leave Settings

To start using the Leave functions within HR Partner, first check and edit the company-wide leave settings. 

These are found under Time Off & Leave > Configure > Leave Settings

Leave Processing

  • Check the box to "Allow employees to apply for leave via the portal" if you want employees to be able to submit leave requests.
NOTE: Don't worry, employees will not be able to submit leave requests until you invite them to the Employee Portal
  • If you have very complex leave approval rules, multi-tiered leave approvals, or you want employees to be able to approve leave requests, you may need to enable the Enhanced Leave Approval Rules. If that is the case, read about them, check this box and once you're finished here, you'll also need to see how to Set Up Enhanced Leave Approval Rules here.
  • You can nominate one or more Admin Users for all leave approvals to be sent to
  • You can restrict employees from requesting more leave than they have available for ALL leave policies
  • You can also have an email sent every time there is a leave request approved or revoked
  • If you like, you can set up a custom header and footer for the leave request form in your employee portal. Here's where you can give employees any specific instructions they might need or expectation of how long leave approvals will take

  • Setup your Approved Leave status


  • Set your preferred day for the start of week
  • Decide how much employees can see about leave of other employees within the company


  • This setting changes the columns shown on the Leave Balances table - for both Admin Users and Employees

Working Hours

  • Enter the default number for hours per day
  • Select the default Working Day Template that will be applied to new employees (this can be edited separately for each employee though)