Changing the Display on Your Leave Balance Table

One of the many customizations that you can make within your HR Partner system is within the Leave Balance Table. The Leave Balance Table is the display table that shows each Employee's Leave Balances for every Leave Policy that has Allowances & Balances setup. (Looking for more information on how to setup Allowances & Balances? Read More About That Here).

This table can be found under the Absence/Leave module of an Employee's Profile if logged in as an Admin User and on the home page of any ESS Portal if logged in as an Employee.

The default Leave Balance Table shows the following leave amounts: Allowances, Balances, Planned, Available. (Don't forget that we have an article that outlines the differences between each leave term.)

How to Change the Display

The default table shows the Allowance, Balance, Planned & Available figures for the Employee, but there are many scenarios where you want a simplified or expanded view for your team. To change the Display, start by logging into your Admin User Portal and clicking on Time Off & Leave > Configure > Leave Settings and then scroll down to the Display.

There are now SIX different Display options for you to choose from, depending on your organization's preferences.

Once, you've made a change, don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'Save' to save your preferences!

Have You Integrated with Xero Payroll? If you are one of our many clients that use Xero Payroll, and you have the integration turned 'ON', the Display Option titled 'Basic' may be the best fit for you. The 'Basic' option does not show the Allowances column on the Leave Balance Table and Xero does not pull through Allowance figures as a part of the integration, making this a win-win option for your team!