Reviewing the Email & Message Log

By now you've probably learned the foundations of the HR Partner system and have all of your basic settings updated to fit your Organization's best practices and every day procedures.

Now is a great time to learn about some of our lesser known features, like the Message Log!

What is the Message Log?

The Message Log is a simple log of all of the emails that have been sent inside the HR Partner system! It's an easy way to view details on emails that were sent out as a part of a Template or as an automatic reminder.

To access the Message Log, simply log into your Admin User Portal and click on Setup > Tools > Message Log.

Once you're in this window, you will see a condensed list of all of the emails and messages that were sent by your HR Partner system.

Further, you can click on "Details" towards the right and open up a copy of the email message that was sent out.

If an email message is showing up on your Message Log, this means that HR Partner's successfully sent out the email message.