Job Board Integrations (Glassdoor & Indeed)

In order to further promote the job listings you create within HR Partner, you may also optionally push your open job listings to Glassdoor for further syndication. This means that, after enabling these integrations, all future job listings from your company will automatically be sent to external job websites like Glassdoor and Indeed for extra visibility.

To do this, go to Recruitment > Configure > Integrations.

Next, toggle the bar next to the integrations you'd like to enable so that they are set to " On."

Click Save.

After that, the next job listings you create in HR Partner will automatically push to the external job boards you have enabled. Just make sure you have selected an expiration date for each job before posting it within HR Partner. (When posting a new job in HR Partner, it will ask you for a Publish On and Until date. You will want to double check that they are both filled out).

And that's it! You're done.

Publishing times

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your listing to be published on external job board websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.