Integrate with Your Calendar

You can sync your HR Partner calendar with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar in minutes, which will enable you to easily view things like who is in and out of the office as well as birthdays or other events. You can also use a second link to sync all of your own Calendar Reminders.

Each Admin User has two different calendar links that they can sync if they would like, the first one shows Leave Events, Company Events, Holidays and other events in the system. The second is for the Admin User's individual Calendar Reminders. Read on to learn how to sync BOTH calendar feeds to stay up to date!

Sync Your Individual Admin User Calendar

From the main menu on the left hand side of your HR Partner screen select  Setup > Configure > Integrations. Then scroll half way down the page until you reach the section titled "Sync to Google Calendar or Outlook". In the upper of the two sections highlighted below you can see where you are able to select exactly which areas of your HR Partner Calendar you would like to pull through to your other calendar, in the second highlighted section you can see a URL link, which you need to copy (Ctrl+C) but please be sure to keep your link private. The next step is dependent on which type of calendar you are syncing with.

For Microsoft Outlook

Open up Outlook and click the Calendar icon and select Add > From Internet then paste (Ctrl+V) the URL you copied from HR Partner and hit OK.

If it asks if you want to subscribe to updates, click Yes.

This will add in a new Untitled calendar item on the left hand toolbar under the Other Calendars menu. From here, you have the option to right click and edit the Calendar in a number of different ways, including Renaming the calendar.

For Google Calendar

Open up your Google Calendar, scroll down and click the arrow to the right of where you see  "Other Calendars" then select Add by URL. Then paste your HR Partner calendar feed link, hit OK:

For Office 365

To connect your calendar to Office 365, all you'll need to do is follow the steps above while making a slight change to the feed URL.

Where you see https:// in the feed URL, you need to replace it with webcal:// for example the URL might look like this: webcal://

After that, you're done!

Sync Your Individual Reminders

You also have the option to sync all of your Calendar Reminders that you get as an Admin User.

To do this, simply log into your own Admin User Portal and click on the drop-down option under your name for Profile.

This will open up your own Admin User Profile page, where you can change your Profile information to keep things updated as much as possible. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find a gray area with a specific URL to subscribe your Calendar Reminders. You will follow the same directions as above to sync this URL link to your own iCal, Google or Office calendar.


Each Admin User has their own unique calendar feed URL. You will only see the Calendar Reminders that YOU have access to and you will not see Reminders for another Admin User. If you need to see Calendar Reminders of another Department within your company, you will need to use the calendar URL of another Admin User who has that access.