Company Organizational Chart

Once you enter in all of your Employee Information and information related to reporting structure (i.e. designate their Manager) the system will automatically populate an Organisational Chart for your company to use and reference at any time.

To review this Org Chart, please go to Employees > Org Chart:

Here is an example of what my populate for your Company:

If you do not see your chart, this usually means that you'll need to assign Departments and Managers to each Employee's Profile. 

To do this, click on each Employee's Profile, select Edit Employee Details > Employment Info and find the section that says Directly Reports To and select their manager and Save.

The Organisational Chart populates from information that is designated in the "Reports To" area of each Employee's Profile. Each Employee needs to have their Reporting structure set before the Org Chart will properly populate. You also need to ensure that you have a Head of Company designated, which means that one, single Employee will not have a Directly Reports To selected. For example, this could be your CEO, and by not designating a "Directly Reports To" person, you are automatically making this person fall at the top of the Org Chart.