Removing & Changing Custom Fields

We give our Users the flexibility to remove or edit Custom Fields whenever they want.  However, please bear in mind a few important things.

  • If you delete a Custom Field, it is gone FOREVER.  There is no way to reverse this, so please be careful to only delete fields that you are sure you will never use again.
  • You can change the sequence order of Fields at any time with no effect on the existing data.
  • Be careful of changing the internal Field Names of the Fields too, as this can result in the existing data being disconnected from the Custom Field.
  • If you change or delete a Custom Field, existing employees in the system will still hold the old data until they are next edited and saved.  This means that if you run any reports or API requests, you may still see the old data there until that employee is re-saved in HR Partner.

Think Twice Before Deleting a Custom Field!