Tracking Timesheet Under/Over Hours

When using timesheets within HR Partner, you have the ability to track the hours worked above and below your employees' scheduled working hours. This clever tool eradicates the need for employees to request lieu time and allows them to track their flexi balance where applicable.

So, how does it work?

When setting this up, you must select a balance that you would like to credit /deduct in accordance with hours worked vs hours scheduled. This balance stems from a leave policy built within your system. While some customers like to credit a paid leave policy when extra hours are worked, others will set up a completely separate and independent policy named TOIL or perhaps Flexi. As with all policies within our Time Off & Leave module, you have full control over the visibility of your selected policy. As such, you decide whether that policy is available for employees to see and to request leave against once they have clocked up enough hours, or whether it is only visible to Admin Users for payroll purposes for example.

Your next decision is whether you want the system to automatically update your chosen balance behind the scenes when a timesheet sequence is locked, or whether you would prefer for an named approver to review the timesheet entries, potentially adjust them, and then click a button to update the balances accordingly.

We've prepare a short article to walk you through exactly how to set this up!