Setting Up Unders/Overs

There are two parts that need to be considered when configuring "Unders/Overs" and those are the Policy and the Timesheet, each of the steps are explained below:

The Policy

The first thing you need to do when building out this functionality is decide which of your leave policies you would like to be adjusted in accordance with your employees worked hours vs their scheduled hours. You can choose an existing leave policy or if you prefer, build a new policy specifically for this purpose. Either way, your chosen policy must:

  1. Be set up in Hours (and not Days)
  2. Have the ability to automatically accrue leave and track balances turned ON
  3. Have the ability to track TOIL/Flexi/Comp time turned ON
  4. Be an HR Partner leave policy and not one imported from an external Payroll system

NOTE: "TOIL /Flexi/Comp Time" is a customisable field name that can be changed to suit your needs which means it may be called something different in your account. In the screenshot above you can see it is called "Overtime" for example. To change this name in your account you need to head to Time Off & Leave > Configure > Leave Settings:

The Timesheet

Unders/Overs tracking can be set up against each Timesheet Template.  Providing you have followed the steps above, and have a suitable Policy in place, you can then head to Timesheets > Configure > Templates, and either create or edit a template there, you will notice this new option towards the middle of the template edit screen:

Checking the box to 'Enable Unders/Overs Tracking' will expand the next area where you can nominate (1) the employee leave policy that you will adjust the Balance for at the end of each sequence run, and also (2) whether you want these adjustments to be done Manually, or Automatically.

If you have set the 'Tracking Method' to 'Automatic', then each time you lock a sequence, the system will check your employee's working hours for that timesheet sequence period to see the number of hours they actually logged for that period against the number of hours that they should have worked in that same period.  Any hours under or over their scheduled working hours will be instantly deducted or added to their leave Balance figure for the nominated leave policy.

If you have set the 'Tracking Method' to 'Manual' you will see a new menu option appear under your Timesheets module:

Heading to Timesheets > Unders/Overs you will see a list of locked timesheet sequences which have the manual Unders/Overs option enabled, and the option to "Update Unders/Overs to the right:

Clicking on that button will open up the sequence and you will see the option to "Allow Editing" of the New Balance for the policy you have affiliated with Unders/Overs tracking on the top right. Once you select that, you can hit the "Save" button at the bottom and your balances will be updated accordingly:

NOTE: You will have to be sure that all employees that use this timesheet template have this leave policy allocated to them.  Employees who are not eligible for this leave policy will not have any balances adjusted.