Employee Performance Management

The Performance Management module in HR Partner allows you to conduct detailed reviews with your team, and collect feedback from all relevant parties.

We do this by sending review forms out to a combination of employees, managers, admins and co-workers to fill out, and provide a workspace where all parties can fill in these forms, communicate with each other and look at certain information in order to complete the review process.

While we do not enforce a specific review methodology such as '360 Reviews' etc., we think our flexible approach allows you to comply with a wide variety of methodologies or operational requirements.  For example, you can have simple reviews where just the employee's manager fills in an evaluation form, or else you can have just the admin and manager completing forms, or go all the way and have multiple colleagues of the employee and multiple admin users also involved in the process.

The review forms are also completely customizable, and you can create them to be as complex or as simple as you like, and have either everyone on the review panel filling in the same form or completely different forms depending on their role in the review process.

Here is a quick example screenshot of a review in progress in HR Partner:

The above shows the 'Forms' area where you can read the review feedback from the employee, their manager and peers.  As you can see, we also have different tabs where we can see more employee information (such as position/salary history for career promotions), or to leave comments among the review panel members, or upload files relevant to the review such as letters of recommendation etc.  You can also see the employee goals pertaining to this review period, and check their review history and also plan any further upcoming follow up reviews for them.

As with most modules in HR Partner, there is some set up work to be done in order to get the most out of this module, but this documentation site, and our friendly support team is always on hand to help out.

Legacy Reviews in HR Partner

If you are a long time user of HR Partner, then you will be familiar with the old 'Performance Review' section on the employee modules where you could record reviews after they had happened in a simple form where you would capture the review type, description and score.  This legacy review submodule will be disabled when you turn on the new enhanced Performance Review module, as it is far superior to the old one.

Don't worry though - if you had information in the old system, you will still be able to view and report on it, but not able to add anything new to that module as we believe the new module offers far more flexibility and functionality that any modern HR system should have.