Assigning Reviews To Employees

The process of assigning reviews to one or more employees can be done from the Performance -> Assigned option on the left hand menu.

This will show you a list of current, past and planned reviews already in the system.  You can opt to view any of the existing reviews, or you can assign a new one by clicking the 'Assign Performance Review' button on the top right.

This will open the assign pop up window which you can fill in.

The first thing you need to specify is the Performance Review template that you wish to use for this review.  Then you need to select one or more employees that you wish to send this review to.

Under that is the email message that will be sent to the employee(s).  The screen will be pre-populated with the email template you set up in the performance review template earlier, however you can override it by choosing another template or making manual edits here.

The next important field is the Review Date.  This is the date which the review is due for completion.  Our system will try and estimate the date based on the frequency of the review that was set up in the performance review template earlier, but you can make changes to it to suit your needs (i.e. move it to another working day etc.

NOTE: The reminders will be sent out just before this Review Date, based on the Reminder Threshold set up in the review template earlier.

Under that will be an area showing the review forms that will be sent out.  This will vary depending on the participants in the review as per the review template.  In the example above, we are including ALL of the employee, their manager, the employee's co-workers and some admin users in the review, so the system is notifying us that forms will be sent to the employee and manager, and it is asking us for the names of Co-Workers and Admin Users who will be added to the review panel for these employee(s).

TIP: You can change the co-workers and admins later, so don't worry if the review is so far in advance that teams may change.  You can remove or add participants to a review while it is still in the 'Scheduled' or 'In Progress' stage.

Once all the information is correct, you can click 'Assign' to create the reviews in the system.

Please be aware that no emails are sent out at the point of assigning the review.  Email reminders are only sent just before the date the review is Due in order to try and minimise email 'noise' in the system.  Generally, performance reviews are planned a whole year in advance anyway, so there is no point in sending out notifications so far in advance of the actual event.